10 Facts About Bandit


After writing my 20 Facts About Me post and introducing you all to bandit a long time ago, this post is way overdue. It’s no surprise that Bandit is my favourite being – he’s cute, clingy and super lovable. He’s my bubby and I lerve him so I wanted to share with y’all some facts about him that you probably don’t know.

If you don’t know who Bandit is, then umm excuse me?? Just kidding, head over to his Meet Me post for the basic info and if you’re interested in seeing him more, you can see the photos post I published all about him.

Anyway, while B is currently all nustled into my back behind me on the sofa, it is the perfect time to tell you some fun facts about my boo.

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  1. He’s a Saggitarius (17th December 2013) which complements my Gemini so well according to an astrology website that says they’re perfect companions yipee.
  2. He is super clingy, in case you hadn’t notice from all the tweets I put out, but Bandit has some attachment issues because he has to constantly be physically touching you. Whether it’s a paw, his nose, head or back, a part of him has to touch you for him to be content. Going to the bathroom is a nightmare.
  3. He is SUCH an ice cream snob. He loves vanilla ice cream but it can only be Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream. We’ve deliberately held off on the Carte D’Or or Häagen-dazs for obvious financial reasons.
  4. Bandit is a mega-mixed breed. He’s part staffy, part jack russel (I know right? lol), part collie. We also think there may be some whippet or lurcher too judging by his looks and agility.
  5. He loves his purple frisbee. It’s the only toy he will always go back to and he just loves sitting in the garden playing with it between his paws and rolling around in the grass with it. And he loves catching it when he eventually lets us take it to throw.

    bandit, dog, staffy dog, staffy, staffordshire bull terrier, mixed breed, bully boy

  6. He is a very gentle kisser. I told him no kissing my face and he snuck up behind me on the sofa and when I turned to face him, he quickly kissed my lips so gently you wouldn’t have even felt it and then he ran off like a shy child. it was equal parts hilarious and adorable and I love him so much.
  7. Bandit hates water. On his first trip to the beach, he refused to go anywhere near the water. We threw his ball, even tried dragging him in and he found the tiniest rock to stand on to keep him out of the water. Even the other dogs were trying to get him to play with him and his was like nope nope nope.
  8. He rarely sleeps in his own bed. Bandit has a bed in the living room, both bedrooms and a spare bed in the wardrobe and he sleeps in none of them. At meal times, he’ll lie in his bed but at bed time, he’s in either my bed or mum’s and he usually goes between the two throughout the night so I’ll wake up when I feel his elbow knock into my bladder (refer to point 2).
  9. Bubba loves his chicken. Another reason we’re best buds because I too, love chicken. If I’m eating chicken, I have to share but not vice versa obvs. He doesn’t share.
  10. When he gets scared, he hides in the bathroom. If we’re watching a movie and there’s a loud noise or we scream/jolt, he’ll get up and go to the bathroom even though we’re apologising and begging him not to go.

Those are just a few facts about my absolute favourite little man. I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know in the comments some fun facts about your pet/s!

Don’t forget to check out my post Dear Dog Owners which is all about the basic etiquette of dog ownership!

RebeccaJane xo

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4 thoughts on “10 Facts About Bandit

  1. Awww, Bandit is such a cutie! Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is good, I have to say, so I can understand why Bandit won’t try anything else! Lovely post. – Tasha


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