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Hola chicas. Today I am bringing you my favourite blog posts from the past month. I usually find blogs through Twitter so unless I see some new content retweeted onto my timeline, I don’t generally see any fresh blogs which is a shame so I’ve been actively scrolling through hashtags and retweet accounts to find some new blogs and to spread some love in the blogging community so please have a wander through these blogs and share the love too.

 Through The Mirror – Meet Toby!

Vix Meldrew – Why Strong Women Need Strong Men

British Beauty Blogger – A Word On Discrimination

Hannah Gale – 19 Of The Biggest Shocks About Being A Grown Up

Thrifty Vintage Fashion – My Body Confidence Journey

Raise The Waves – MS: The Diagnosis

Dorkface – Confidence & Clothing

Robowecop – I Quit

Essential Twenty – What I Hate About Summer

Colours and Carousels – 7 Reasons To Start A Blog

The Beautiful Bluebird – 20 Things To Do Before The Baby Arrives

Wishes Hopes Dreams – My Wardrobe Essentials

Very Berry Cosmo – Breaking OCD Stigma

Victoria Austin – What I Love About Blogging

Elle May – Why I Love My Smile

Curvaceous Vegan – My Favourite Movies When You’re Down

This is only a small portion of the posts I’ve enjoyed this month. I’ll try and keep better tabs on posts I like so I can share them with you all. I’ll maybe make this a more regular feature too. 

RebeccaJane xo

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Thoughts In A Day

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I wish there were more hours in the day to sleep.

I want new bedding. Dark navy or Galaxy maybe? That would look cool. I could sleep happily inside a black hole LAWLS.

I really need to tidy my bedroom. Like where did half this stuff even come from?

Why do I have so many candles? Oh yeah, because I keep buying them but they’re way too cute to burn. Ugh, dilemmas.

Bandit is my favourite being ever. We’ve only had him for two and half years and yet I can’t imagine life without him.

Ugh, why do all my tv shows have to end at the same time? What am I supposed to watch now? *ends up watching Big Brother*

My mouth is so dry. I need to drink more water but I don’t want to pee constantly.

I could eat chicken every day for the rest of my life and still die happy.

Do meat-eaters who slate vegans ONLY eat meat and no veg?

I would rather wait until tomorrow to download my tv shows on catch-up than watch those annoying flipping adverts.

Did that Oral B advert just play twice back to back? It did. Wow. I’m going to tweet them that.

I wish daytime naps were acceptable. I read that in China, or was it Japan? Some companies let their employees go for short naps throughout the day to refresh their minds. I need that.

I miss Bandit so much and I’m not even away from him. I just want cuddles.

Why does the boy in the Fairy advert ask the dad for the empty bottle when the mum is the one doing the dishes? Um, sexist much.

How many cups of tea have I had? I’ve lost count. That can’t be a good thing.

Why is there no food in the fridge? How am I supposed to eat without any decent food int he fridge? I’m going to starve now.

I need to stop talking to myself. I’m pretty sure the neighbours think I’m insane when they hear me in the garden.

I haven’t watched The Princess Bride is so long. I should watch it.

How did I eat 6 Ferrero Rochers?? I have no memory of this.

[Browsing Amazon] I want that. Oh I want that too. Quick add to list. Add to list. ADD TO FUCKING LIST.

Omg why did I just buy that? Cancel order. Reason? Because I’m an impulsive-buying bitch. They don’t have that option. Why not? That should be an option. Oh well, I better click ‘cheaper elsewhere’ in the hopes they reduce it so I can impulse-buy it again.

I have an itch in the middle of my back and my arms aren’t long enough to reach it. Times like this, I wish Bandit understood English better because his claws would do a great job with this.

Hmm, what do I fancy for dinner? Pasta? Nah, had that yesterday. Salad? That was lunch. Can’t be too healthy yo.

I always moan about how clingy Bandit is but when he isn’t, I miss him so much.

America Ferrera is gorgeous.

I can’t find my red glasses.

I need to book an eye test. I’m like 8 months overdue.

I wish I had the balls to start my own podcast. My ramblings should be heard by the masses.

Why am I not rich? See if I were minted, I’d be sooo happy!

I need more pyjamas. Okay, I don’t need more, but I want more.

I’m so tired. I think I’ve done that dolphin thing where half my brain has been sleeping throughout the day.

Why is Instagram so hard??

I always get loads of followers after a Twitter rant. I’m starting to realise what the people want. MORE RANTS.

I hate Big Brother but I have nothing else to watch and it’s so addictive watching them explode on each other.

I should moisturise more. Or should I say, at all.

I really need to shave my legs but then I’d HAVE to moisturise them and I can’t be bothered with all that malarky.

I can show you the world… Shining, shimmering, splendid!! [to Bandit] Tell me Princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?? 

I need a haircut. I should cut it right now before I forget.

Where’s the scissors? Ew, I’m not using the kitchen scissors, who even knows what they’ve touched?

My hair is too curly to cut, why did I think this was a good idea?

Well that went as planned…. NOT!

Looks like it’ll be up-do’s from now on.

Oh my goodness, my bed feels like I’ve laid down on a cloud of candy floss.

This is so relaxing. I am so ready to fall asleep right now.



RebeccaJane xo

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Dear Dog Owners: Basic Etiquette

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for a few months now. It’s been bugging me for so long how many dog owners in my town just casually neglect the basic etiquette of dog ownership. I’m only highlighting the very simple rules and responsibilities of dog owners so I won’t be bringing anything new to the table with this post but I hope this acts as a reminder to people.

Never put your dog’s name on the ID tag

You shouldn’t put your dog’s name on their ID tag because it can make it easier for dog-nappers to move them on to a new family no questions asked. I mean, if your dog hears their name they’re going to respond aren’t they? ID tags should contain owner information (name, address, phone number) so that your dog can be returned to you in the event of them being stolen or going missing. As of April 2016, all dogs in England and Wales HAVE to be microchipped which is another good way to ensure your pooch is returned to you if they go missing.

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Always use a leash

A leash is there for YOUR DOG’S SAFETY. Not anyone else’s. What if your dog encounters another dog and they don’t get along, a leash will give you a hell of a lot more control over your dog’s safety than frantically trying to grab at their collar without getting yourself injured in the process. What if someone tries to kidnap your dog? How are you going to catch up if your dog wanders off and they’re able to quickly put a leash on and hop into a car and drive off? I know these are extreme cases but it’s always worth using a leash with your dog. It doesn’t matter how friendly your dog is. Any animal – no matter how friendly – has its limits. You don’t want anything bad to happen to your dog so please use a leash.

Clean up after your dog!

This is the most obvious and yet it seems to always be tossed out the window. And I’ve noticed it’s mostly older people who don’t even bother to take bags with them! It takes less than a minute to take out a bag, pick up the poop and tie up the bag. Who cares it you have to carry it for a while! It’s not about you, it’s about cleaning up after your dog! No one likes to go for a peaceful walk with their dog and be met with smelly lumps of poo because some idiot couldn’t be bothered to pick it up. There’s no excuse to not be carrying bags and you can always ask other dog walkers if they have extra bags. In fact, you can even buy bag dispensers which clip-on to your leash (which should you should also be using). Sometimes I think the people in my town deliberately let their dog off the leash so they can use it as an excuse not to pick up their poop. Um no?

Always carry water 

Your dog is going to get thirsty on a walk, especially long walks or when the weather is pretty warm (ie now). You should always carry a bottle of water and a container to pour it into for your dog. It also comes in very handy to clean up/dilute any poops that can’t be picked up (non-solid/diarrhea poops) so there’s literally never an excuse to leave poop lying. Carrying it in a bottle means you can drink it and then pour it into a container or pop-up bowl for your dog to drink too. Win Win.

I kept this brief and to the main points that really annoy me when I’m out with Bandit. I want my dog to be safe and I want to be able to go for a nice walk without watching my every step please and thank you.

What are your top tips for dog owners? Let me know in the comments.

RebeccaJane xo

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14 Things I Love About Spring

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Spring is one of my 4 favourite seasons (see what I did there?), so it only seemed natural to write a post on my favourite things about this season. The weather is getting warmer and daffodil bouquets are in the shops so let’s get started before it’s winter again ;)

things i love about spring pocahontasjane

  1. Fresh cut grass – one of my absolute favourite smells. So fresh and green :) Just don’t walk through it after it’s rained. NIGHTMARE!
  2. Spring flowers – nothing beats the sunshine-yellow daffodils or the daisy chains just waiting to be made in Spring.
  3. EASTER! Easter has always been a great time for me because every year, my dad’s side of the family have a massive family picnic where we decorate eggs and roll them down the hill, have a feast of sandwiches and pastries and go for a nice country walk.
  4. Lambing season – okay, I’m not a farmer but I love lambing season. Driving or walking past the fields and seeing all those beautiful spring lambs hopping after their mummas just melts my heart *heart emoji*
  5. The crisp, clean air is by far a sure sign Spring is on it’s way. I love the transition from winter to spring when the air has a crisp chill to it but later it’s warm.
  6. Floral fashion trends – I love florals. I’ve always been a fan of wearing outrageous colours or patterns that take you back to the decades of your parents and grandparents and this Spring, I am pulling out all the stops on my journey to becoming the next big flower since Cee-Lo!
  7. Pretty pastels – gone are the deep berry and mysterious dark colours of winter and in comes the pale pinks and mint greens of Spring.
  8. Peonies! As beautiful as they are, I kinda went off peonies last year after seeing every blogger with a single stem or bouquet but after the winter break, bring it on!
  9. Seasonal fruit & veg – I try to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables so winter is quite a drag for me but I’m excited for getting back to my tropical citrus flavours and oh yum, watermelon season coming soon!
  10. PHOTOS! Now the sun is shining for longer and the skies are clearer, we bloggers can finally get some decent natural lighting for photos. My next OOTD will be outside. I can’t not take advantage of the wonderful Spring weather.
  11. Dates – Winter is too cold to go out for dinner so it’s always a takeaway. I’m looking forward to meeting friends and going out with Steven more, even if it’s just a light lunch.
  12. Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato. I need not explain this one.
  13. Picnics! I know this is in #3 but I love packing up a picnic and heading to the beach or a long walk.
  14. Letting my hair down – Winter takes its toll on my hair more than any other season and I find myself having it constantly braided or tied up to keep it out of the abrasive chill. Spring is just the perfect temperature to let my hair down and embrace my beautiful curls :)

What’s your favourite thing about Spring? Or are you sad to see Winter leave?

RebeccaJane xo

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Monthly Favourites: January 2016

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Why was I about to type ‘2015’ there? Jeez, it’s been a month yo. Anyhoooo, I’ve decided to write up a monthly favourites of all the best moments, products, people and blogs for me throughout the month and this is the first instalment! I hope it encourages me to find some happiness in the little things and keep myself grounded. So please join me in looking back over the past month with fond memories :)

January Favourites


Happy New Year: 2016 Goals

5 Things I Learned When I Got A New Laptop

How NOT To Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Superdrug Skincare Haul

Rimmel London Lipstick – Heather Shimmer

OOTD // Spring Florals


Going in the hot tub with Steven – Mum got a Lay-Z Spa for Christmas and on New Years Day, Steven and I went and chilled in it for a bit. I discovered how short I really am because he had to put his feet under my bum to keep my head out of the bubbles and it was so cold when we got out that we had to take our swimming gear off and wrap in a towel to go back in the house (Steven held up my towel while I shivered trying to get warm by the heater haha).

Getting a new laptop – Okay so I technically got my new laptop on December 29th but I never got to use it properly until this month and I’m so happy with it. It makes everything so much easier – blogging, emails, netflix.

Pies! Granny and Papa went to two different bakeries (they’re across the road from each other but still) and bought my favourite pie from each. A meat and potato pie and a macaroni pie :) :) It made me so happy and I thoroughly enjoyed devouring those oh-so-delicious pies.


Simple Eye Roll-on // Soothing Eye Balm – These have been a lovely addition to my skincare routine. It’s only been two weeks and I’m already noticing a difference in my under eye area, I’m genuinely gobsmacked!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula body lotion – I bought this because it was £2 and to be honest, the adverts made me think it would be alright. And it is. It’s got a light and fresh fragrance but has a creamy consistency (for normal to dry skin) and it’s kept my skin hydrated while out in the freezing cold.


Bandit is not a human but he has been my favourite this month. It’s been an emotional month (for various reasons) but every time I’ve sat in the bathroom and cried, Bandit has come to cheer me up.

January Favourites


I feel it’s really important to spread the love in the blogging community and although I tweet posts I enjoy, I’m going to put my top posts from the month here, so please have a read through them and share the love!

Robowecop – 12 Reasons January Is The Worst Month Ever // 28 Things To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day (I couldn’t pick, it’s not favouritism I swear!)

Becky Bedbug – Lessons Learned In 4 Years Of Blogging

Vix Meldrew – 10 Things I’ve Done Whilst Drunk

Underland to Wonderland – My Life In Photos – Christmas

Petals of Perfection – 10 Reasons Why Having A Sister Is The Best Thing

Essential Twenty – Getting Fit In 2016

Cattitude & Co – Why You Should Love Your Body

Blogging Through The Mirror – 10 Drunken Moments

Le Beau Fleur – Online Dating: What Has It Taught Me?

Tell me what your favourite things were this month in the comments.

RebeccaJane xo

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How Not To Keep Your New Year Resolutions

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Step One. Start tomorrow.
Step Two. Repeat Step One.

How Not To Keep Your New Year Resolutions

  1. If you take a sniff, you’ll have your fill. Nuh-uh.
  2. ‘I’ll just have one small piece’ Nooooope.
  3. Netflix marathons definitely counts as a workout.
  4. If no one sees you, it never happened. (psssssst: it does)
  5. Cheeky cheat day becomes a weekend which turns into a week…
  6. Midnight snacking – the calorie fairies are asleep so it’s fair play.
  7. Paying for a gym membership is sacrifice enough.
  8. Smoothies – liquid calories aren’t a real thing, right?
  9. Terry’s chocolate orange is part of your 5 a day mate, go for it.
  10. Does ‘running your mouth’ count as exercise?

Ahh well, can’t start afresh now, better leave it til next year. Ooh, I better indulge before then *grabs the chocolate*

RebeccaJane xo

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5 Things I Learned When I Got A New Laptop

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What I Learned When I Got A New Laptop

Let me set the scene first of all.

Twas the week before Christmas and I’m sitting on the sofa getting some posts written when Bandit jumps up for cuddles and my laptop slides off my lap and the monitor knocks against the table and the screen goes all funny… Oh well, I’ll just turn it off and leave it. Oops.

A brief run down of my old laptop’s life.
Bought in 2008 (7 years old)
Worked fine for 4-5 years, then started to crash constantly.
The hard drive crashed and hasn’t saved anything since 2013.

So it’s safe to say, I was in desperate need of a new laptop. I just didn’t have the money so I made my old one last me and only used it if absolutely necessary. I was lucky enough to get a tablet from Steven for my birthday a couple of years ago which has helped me a lot with blogging and everything really.

Okay so now we’re all caught up yeah? Now let’s get to my ~senior~ moment when I got this new badboy and how out-of-touch with technology I am.


1. WTF is Windows 10??

I am used to Windows Home Vista, yes, Home Vista. I’ve seen Windows 8 on my PAPA’s laptop and hated it. My new laptop has Windows 10 and I am still trying to figure out how to personalise it. Those colourful little squares are just mocking me every time I tap the Windows icon. WHYYY.

2. Built-in cameras.

Seriously, I am going to be skyping everyone now. No more plugging in a VGA webcam and waiting forever for it to setup before I can skype family and friends. If I had this when at uni, it might have the long distance relationship easier *wink wink*

3. HDMI ports.

Yes, my old laptop didn’t even have a HDMI port. Although I don’t know how significant that is anymore. Maybe HDMI is no longer important. I DON’T KNOW!!

4. A battery that works.

I have really been enjoying the freedom of a fully charged battery. I’ve been getting about 5-6 hours of battery life from this before I’m down to the last 15 minutes. No cables to trip over yay!

5. Instant start-up.

My old laptop took about 40 minutes to load and then if you clicked it the wrong way (don’t ask), then it would crash and restart all over again. I could go for a shower, make breakfast and watch TV before it was ready to use. And that’s not even an exaggeration. Now, I feel like my life has been taken away from me because I turn this laptop on and I barely have time to make a cuppa before it’s raring to go.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long but I am overjoyed with my new laptop. it’s made blogging a hellova lot easier I’ll tell ya! 

What device/s do you primarily use for blogging?

RebeccaJane xo

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