10 Facts About Bandit


After writing my 20 Facts About Me post and introducing you all to bandit a long time ago, this post is way overdue. It’s no surprise that Bandit is my favourite being – he’s cute, clingy and super lovable. He’s my bubby and I lerve him so I wanted to share with y’all some facts about him that you probably don’t know.

If you don’t know who Bandit is, then umm excuse me?? Just kidding, head over to his Meet Me post for the basic info and if you’re interested in seeing him more, you can see the photos post I published all about him.

Anyway, while B is currently all nustled into my back behind me on the sofa, it is the perfect time to tell you some fun facts about my boo.

bandit, staffordshire bull terrier, staffy, staffy dog, dog, puppy, brindle, mixed breed, bully boy,

  1. He’s a Saggitarius (17th December 2013) which complements my Gemini so well according to an astrology website that says they’re perfect companions yipee.
  2. He is super clingy, in case you hadn’t notice from all the tweets I put out, but Bandit has some attachment issues because he has to constantly be physically touching you. Whether it’s a paw, his nose, head or back, a part of him has to touch you for him to be content. Going to the bathroom is a nightmare.
  3. He is SUCH an ice cream snob. He loves vanilla ice cream but it can only be Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream. We’ve deliberately held off on the Carte D’Or or Häagen-dazs for obvious financial reasons.
  4. Bandit is a mega-mixed breed. He’s part staffy, part jack russel (I know right? lol), part collie. We also think there may be some whippet or lurcher too judging by his looks and agility.
  5. He loves his purple frisbee. It’s the only toy he will always go back to and he just loves sitting in the garden playing with it between his paws and rolling around in the grass with it. And he loves catching it when he eventually lets us take it to throw.

    bandit, dog, staffy dog, staffy, staffordshire bull terrier, mixed breed, bully boy

  6. He is a very gentle kisser. I told him no kissing my face and he snuck up behind me on the sofa and when I turned to face him, he quickly kissed my lips so gently you wouldn’t have even felt it and then he ran off like a shy child. it was equal parts hilarious and adorable and I love him so much.
  7. Bandit hates water. On his first trip to the beach, he refused to go anywhere near the water. We threw his ball, even tried dragging him in and he found the tiniest rock to stand on to keep him out of the water. Even the other dogs were trying to get him to play with him and his was like nope nope nope.
  8. He rarely sleeps in his own bed. Bandit has a bed in the living room, both bedrooms and a spare bed in the wardrobe and he sleeps in none of them. At meal times, he’ll lie in his bed but at bed time, he’s in either my bed or mum’s and he usually goes between the two throughout the night so I’ll wake up when I feel his elbow knock into my bladder (refer to point 2).
  9. Bubba loves his chicken. Another reason we’re best buds because I too, love chicken. If I’m eating chicken, I have to share but not vice versa obvs. He doesn’t share.
  10. When he gets scared, he hides in the bathroom. If we’re watching a movie and there’s a loud noise or we scream/jolt, he’ll get up and go to the bathroom even though we’re apologising and begging him not to go.

Those are just a few facts about my absolute favourite little man. I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know in the comments some fun facts about your pet/s!

Don’t forget to check out my post Dear Dog Owners which is all about the basic etiquette of dog ownership!

RebeccaJane xo

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Happy Birthday To Me: My Baby Book


*Warning – adorable photos*

Today at 11:10am, I will officially be 22 years old. 22 years breathing and causing mayhem and I realised I haven’t really done much. OH WELL. I was going to write about all my accomplishments in my life but there really aren’t many so instead, I thought I’d let you all in on the most personal moment in my entire life (to date)… My early days as told by my baby book.

This will hopefully be a lovely stroll down memory lane.. not for me obviously because I have zero memories from then. I have bits and bobs from my younger life but I remember life consistently from my teens. Wow, my memory is sh*t.

Anyway, here’s some info from my baby book. I’ve deliberately left out the story of my birth that my mum has written because that’s private so here’s everything else!

My Baby Book

grumpy baby me – nothing’s changed!

I was born on Friday 17th June 1994 at 11:10am in a pleasant little maternity hospital in the South West of Scotland.

I weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 49.5cm long. Aww so cute.

I was actually a super ugly baby. Y’know how everyone thinks their own baby is beautiful no matter what? Well I was honestly such an ugly baby, like the complete opposite to how I imagined I would look as a newborn. I expected a full head of black hair and a photogenic face but really I was a mess.

my first selfie with mama

my first selfie with mama

Some snippets from my birth story that are a-okay to publish for you guys…

“They wrapped you up and gave you to me to hold. I was so excited and nervous I cried and kissed you and held your tiny hands.” Aww mum :’)

“Morag [student doctor] held you so much she just fell in love with you.” 

“Your sister had been waiting a long time for you…waiting with a bunch of flowers and dolly for you.” Haha Cassie, you loved me!!

my sister and I - totes adorbs

my sister and I – totes adorbs

My mum writes that my eyes were brown and my hair was a brownish red. I came home from the hospital on Father’s Day (Sunday 19th June 1994) and apparently “it was a beautiful warm sunny day” so clearly I was meant to be adored.

The only grandparent to write in my baby book was my maternal grandfather. Papa and I used to have a really close connection and were basically each other’s BFFs. He wrote “you are a smashing baby”. 

I was a pretty docile baby. Apparently I rarely woke unless mum was late with my feeds or if I was windyyy. HAH, it’s never stopped since!!

my first Christmas dinner

my first Christmas dinner

From my mum – “You seem to dote on your sister. Anything she does you laugh at. She’s the only one who can make you laugh without tickling. At 6 months, all you want to do is play with Cassie’s toys and pens. She doesn’t want that.” Well Cassie, it looks like the tables have turned since you steal all my clothes now haha.

“Rebecca Jane’s smile lights up her whole face and you are the most contented little baby I’ve ever met.” :’)

photobombed on the carousel

photobombed on the carousel

There’s loads more information about my Christening and first Christmas etc but it’s all a little too personal so forgive me for not sharing.

It’s been really nice reading these lovely comments about me as a baby. It’s so strange to think that I’ll never know what I was like as a baby so all I have is this book and my family’s memories. Of course people only add the lovey-dovey happy stuff in a baby book but still, it’s a wonderful read.

I do feel bad for my older sister who never got this luxury. My mum says she could not find a baby book for the life of her while pregnant with Cassie but apparently they were very popular by the time I came along.

I hope you enjoyed this little welcome into my life. I know there’s a few older pics of me but to be honest, all the baby pictures in the house look the same and they could honestly be anyone so enjoy my big beautiful brown eyes *wink wink*.

Today is my first birthday at home since before uni so we’re having a day together and we’re watching my favourite movie – Calamity Jane!!

I would love to start posting more personal posts here so this was good to test the water and for a special occasion of course! Please let me know if you’d like more personal posts in the comments. All suggestions are welcome.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

RebeccaJane xo

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Okay so I couldn’t NOT include my all-time favourite picture of myself as a child. I look too fabulous to not share this with the world. Enjoy!

sheer perfection I know

sheer perfection I know

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


I don’t even need to give any background on why I’m reviewing this book. It has been all over the internet for quite some time now. People are calling it the new ‘Gone Girl’ so I was obviously really interested in this book.

I prefer paperbacks over hardcovers so I have been waiting months for this book to be released and on May 5th, it finally was and I could not wait to get started.

the girl on the train, girl on the train, paula hawkins, suspense, thriller, crime, mystery, book, novel, women's fiction,

I never actually knew what this book was about before purchasing. After hearing people comparing it to Gone Girl, I assumed it was another book with a psycho female protagonist – and after reading the blurb on the back which basically says that Rachel passes the same set of houses on her daily commute and creates little personalities and stories behind one of the couples in the houses. One day she sees something and suddenly there’s a missing person and Rachel is at the centre of it all.

I was expecting Rachel to be a total psychopath after creating her perfect couple and then realising they’re not as perfect after all, she forces her way in and ties them up until they become her idea of perfect. That’s basically where I thought this story was going, but it didn’t take that turn down psycho lane.

The Girl on the Train is about Rachel, an alcoholic whose life is pretty shit at the moment – her ex-husband has moved on and is married to a woman named Anna who lives in their old house that her train passes by every day on her way to and from work. In a house nearby, Rachel becomes slightly obsessed with a couple she sees as ‘perfect’. One day she sees something and the story goes from there. Rachel needs to find a way to prove her innocence, or at least remember if she even is innocent (drunken blackouts play a key role in this book).

It’s got an interesting writing style – written from the perspective of the three females and in a diary-style entries adds an interesting twist as we’re only getting little snippets from their day and then we have to try and piece it all together as we read on. The three narrators add extra depth because we get to see both sides to the story, especially when it comes to Rachel and her ex-husband’s new wife, Anna’s relationship.

The Girl on the Train is also the only book I’ve read where I did not like any of the characters at all. I just could not relate to them in any way and throughout the book, I began to hate more than others and then hate them a little less and the circle just went on and on. It didn’t put me off the book though – never even crossed my mind really. The story is interesting and at times, can be a little boring, but in the sense that you just want to tell the characters to stop being whiny little so and so’s.

I do read a lot of crime/mystery as it’s my favourite genre, so the ending was easy to predict for me but the story was still enjoyable. I would give this book a 4/5 stars because it was a really good read. I can’t imagine myself re-reading it though because there weren’t any twists that caught me by surprise but I am looking forward to seeing the movie later this year – although I’m not quite sure how good it will be in comparison.

Have you read The Girl on the Train? Let me know in the comments!

RebeccaJane xo

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Blogger Beauty Box – May


After the success of my 6 Months of #BBloggerBox: My Favourite Products, I was really looking forward to May’s box, but I won’t sugar coat it – I am a little disappointed in this box. Don’t get me wrong, there are some products I am really looking forward to using but overall, I just felt it was a little repetitive with products we’ve had before and samples I am getting tired of. I just want to make it known that this is not a dig at the creator of the Blogger Beauty Box AT ALL, because she does a fantastic job and I am always looking forward to them – my issue with this box will be made clear as we go on.

blogger beauty box, beauty box, bbloggerbox, bblogger, beauty blogger, beauty box, glossy box,

You may have read my review of the Hair Experts Root Touch Up powder*, well we got it in this month’s box. That isn’t an issue because this powder is actually really useful for thinning hairlines and absorbing grease, but rather the colour choice I received – Blonde. I know it’s virtually impossible to make sure you have matching shades and the company would have already sent them out but I know have a product that I cannot use. I will obviously be giving it away and I’m sure there are some people who received a shade similar to their own but I just won’t be able to use it unfortunately.

veeda, natural tampons, sanitary pads,

Moving on to the next disappointment in this box for me. Technically my only disappointments as the Hair Experts was just a little downer because I can’t use it. Merumaya have a bit of a reputation over here at PocahontasJane with their stupidly small sample sizes! I can not express enough how much I have begun to hate this brand now because the last 3 months of Blogger Beauty Box have had silly little samples from them that don’t even hold enough for one application of it. Explain to me how I’m supposed to use a mud mask that says it’s 3ml but it’s more like 1ml?? This month we received the Everything, Everywhere Beauty Oil which, according to the leaflet the oil came with (probably because you wouldn’t notice the sample otherwise, it’s so tiny), it says you can use this oil on your hair, scalp, hands/nails, body – everywhere.

Similar to last month’s TOTM tampons, this month we received some Veeda tampons and pads. As I said in last month’s post, I don’t use tampons and I don’t know many people who do (I found this out after trying to give them to friends/neighbours) and you can’t exactly donate them to women’s shelters because no survivors of sexual assault are going to want to use tampons so it did disappoint me a little to see more tampons for the second month in a row. We did receive two pads and two tampons which was a nice change because I will use the pads but for feminine hygiene, it would probably be more suited to the majority of people by using pads instead of tampons.

puriskin, nurse aid, hand cream, richard ward, hair care, keratin rehab, intensive treatment, conditioner

Moving on to the items I was looking forward to. The Richard Ward Keratin Rehab conditioning treatment smells divine. I am looking forward to using this but after looking for more info on it online, I found that it isn’t listed on the RW website so I don’t know if it has been discontinued or what but either way, I’m still looking forward to using this.

Next is a familiar brand – if you read my February Blogger Beauty Box post, you’d have seen the Puriskin bespoke lip treat I received. Well, this month we received this wonderful product – the Puriskin Nurse Aid hand cream. This seems like a really useful and interesting product – it’s a barrier cream for use on bruises, burns, dermatitis, scrapes and cuts and more. It’s like sudocrem I suppose, except this lasts longer and doesn’t smear all your clothes with a thick white paste.

I know this post seems super negative and I really am not trying to be mean but I was a little disappointed with the May Blogger Beauty Box. I can’t use one of the products at all, one is a super teeny tiny sample and I don’t use tampons. BUT I am looking forward to using the conditioning treatment and the nurse aid cream will come is so handy (perfect for festival season).

Every beauty box has at least one not-quite-as-good-as-usual box and for me, it was this box. I am still really looking forward to the June box which will be featured next month.

Let me know your thoughts on this month’s in the comments below.

RebeccaJane xo

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All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda


all the missing girls, book, novel, suspense, thriller, mystery, crime, psychological, book review, megan miranda, fiction

I recently signed up to NetGalley – an online place for professional readers to review proofs and publishers to get feedback. Basically, you scroll through the different recommendations, genres, authors etc and request to review it. The publishers then choose whether to approve you or not and if you’re approved, you’ll be able to download it to your kindle app or device and start reading. You can also leave your reviews and feedback for the publishers through this website too. When I first signed up and was looking at the titles available for me to request, I was instantly drawn to All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda. I mean, look at that cover. It’s beautiful. I love the blue and aqua sky with the bold orange font really pulling me in. I read the blurb – basically, ten years ago a girl name Corinne disappeared and her friends Nicolette (the narrator), her brother Daniel, boyfriend Tyler and Corinne’s boyfriend Jackson were all at the centre of the investigation and really took its toll on the town of Cooley Ridge. Nicolette moved far away and started a new life but returns to help her brother out with their dad who is suffering from dementia. Not long after she returns to the town, another girl goes missing – Tyler’s new girlfriend and the group’s alibi the night of Corinne’s disappearance – Annaleise. The book is told in reverse over a 15-day period, so it starts on day 15 and works backward to tell the story.

The reverse storytelling is an interesting aspect I haven’t read before and it was addictive. As the reader, you’re reading from the present into the past, so the characters have knowledge than we don’t and as we read on, we have to keep reminding ourselves that the characters don’t know what’s going to happen, but we do! It’s not as confusing as it sounds but rather, a very clever way of unraveling the mystery.

As we travel back in time, each day gives us clues to the previous and hints towards the future that we’ve just read. We get more information about the disappearance of Corinne, from ten years ago, as well as some clues as to the disappearance of Annaleise.

Like a typical suspense novel, the climax and twists and turns are saved for the end, except it’s actually the beginning of the story chronologically, and really puts the rest of the book into perspective. You think about everything you’ve read to try and piece it all together and then you realise you were completely wrong with your theories and wonder how you ever fell for it in the first place.

Megan Miranda does a fantastic job of having twist after twist that even I, a member of the Scooby Doo fan club and CSI detective, couldn’t solve. All my theories did pan out, but there was always something more to the story. Some added bit of extra information that later in the book, made my proud moments of detective work seem irrelevant. It was both infuriating and enticing all-in-one. I hated and loved the characters and kept wondering just what the real truth was.

All The Missing Girls is a story of lies, secrets and the lengths we go to protect them. The characters aren’t as innocent as they seem. The story certainly isn’t what it seems.

I had a few unanswered questions which at first, I wondered how the author would bring it all together in the end, or if any would just remain unanswered, but all loose ends were perfectly tied up in a well-written finale.

I give All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda a 5/5 stars. This book is released on June 28th 2016 in hardcover but as a paperback fan myself, I will be eagerly awaiting its release, fingers crossed later this year!

Let me know in the comments if this is something you’d read.

What are your thoughts on novels told in reverse? 

RebeccaJane xo

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Skincare Favourites: Face


Everyone talks about how important it is to have a good skincare routine. I always see people talking about how you should invest in your skin and buy quality products. I cannot afford such luxuries as of yet but there are a few products on my wishlist for when I win the lottery (post coming soon) so for now, I thought I’d share with you my current favourite skincare products ranging from the very affordable to the mid-high end products that have really amazed me.

skincare, skin care, skin, st ives, nip and fab, naturally radiant, superdrug, moa, facial oil, face cream, exfoliator, cleanser, bee-bio, face mask, face masque, bee venom,

Let’s start with the St. Ives invigorating face scrub. It’s my favourite exfoliator because it’s gentle but abrasive and I use a little everyday for a delicate skin refresher or sometimes I use a bit more for a more deep scrubbing (ie if I’ve been wearing makeup). It smells of apricots which is lovely and fresh – perfect for summer.

I’ve been really loving the Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood cleansing pads the last few months. My sister actually gave me her tub as she never really used them and I loved them. They exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate with a lovely scent and just really make my skin feel so good.

The Superdrug Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser has been my favourite cleanser for some months now. It feels so luxurious on my skin and really gets deep into my pores to fully clean it out. I don’t use the muslin cloth that came with it because I personally prefer my face cloth but I use this every night without fail and it really leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking bright and fresh.

The Bee-Bio bee venom face masque and MOA facial oil are both products I received in the March Blogger Beauty Box and were both featured in my favourite products from the last 6 months of BBloggerBox too so of course they are going to feature in my facial skincare favourites! The face masque isn’t as thick as most but I use a thin layer 1-2 times a week for a little pampering with my evening skincare routine. It doesn’t tingle or make my skin look or feel swollen and its active manuka honey leaves your skin super soft with a very light and delicate scent. The ‘Aphrodite’ facial oil is by far my favourite facial oil. It smells like lychee – light and fresh and although it may seem counter-intuitive to use an oil in the summer but trust me when I say this is completely non-greasy and absorbs fully within an hour, leaving only silky smooth skin that carries through til morning.

The Witch daily primer I received in the April Blogger Beauty Box and also featured in my 6 months of favourites. A perfect complement to my summer skincare routine – it works great on its own as well as under a moisturiser. I’m usually always getting heat rash but using this has really helped to keep it under control in the heat we’ve had lately and it just keeps my skin feel cool and stops any pesky spots popping up.

That’s my summer skincare favourites for my face! I absolutely stand by these products and would highly recommend them to everyone. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these or what your favourite skincare products are! I’d love to hear your opinions and see your recommendations.

RebeccaJane xo

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Dear Dog Owners: Basic Etiquette

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for a few months now. It’s been bugging me for so long how many dog owners in my town just casually neglect the basic etiquette of dog ownership. I’m only highlighting the very simple rules and responsibilities of dog owners so I won’t be bringing anything new to the table with this post but I hope this acts as a reminder to people.

Never put your dog’s name on the ID tag

You shouldn’t put your dog’s name on their ID tag because it can make it easier for dog-nappers to move them on to a new family no questions asked. I mean, if your dog hears their name they’re going to respond aren’t they? ID tags should contain owner information (name, address, phone number) so that your dog can be returned to you in the event of them being stolen or going missing. As of April 2016, all dogs in England and Wales HAVE to be microchipped which is another good way to ensure your pooch is returned to you if they go missing.

dog, dog owner, advice for dog owners, dog owner etiquette, pet, pets, dogs, rspca, sspca,

Always use a leash

A leash is there for YOUR DOG’S SAFETY. Not anyone else’s. What if your dog encounters another dog and they don’t get along, a leash will give you a hell of a lot more control over your dog’s safety than frantically trying to grab at their collar without getting yourself injured in the process. What if someone tries to kidnap your dog? How are you going to catch up if your dog wanders off and they’re able to quickly put a leash on and hop into a car and drive off? I know these are extreme cases but it’s always worth using a leash with your dog. It doesn’t matter how friendly your dog is. Any animal – no matter how friendly – has its limits. You don’t want anything bad to happen to your dog so please use a leash.

Clean up after your dog!

This is the most obvious and yet it seems to always be tossed out the window. And I’ve noticed it’s mostly older people who don’t even bother to take bags with them! It takes less than a minute to take out a bag, pick up the poop and tie up the bag. Who cares it you have to carry it for a while! It’s not about you, it’s about cleaning up after your dog! No one likes to go for a peaceful walk with their dog and be met with smelly lumps of poo because some idiot couldn’t be bothered to pick it up. There’s no excuse to not be carrying bags and you can always ask other dog walkers if they have extra bags. In fact, you can even buy bag dispensers which clip-on to your leash (which should you should also be using). Sometimes I think the people in my town deliberately let their dog off the leash so they can use it as an excuse not to pick up their poop. Um no?

Always carry water 

Your dog is going to get thirsty on a walk, especially long walks or when the weather is pretty warm (ie now). You should always carry a bottle of water and a container to pour it into for your dog. It also comes in very handy to clean up/dilute any poops that can’t be picked up (non-solid/diarrhea poops) so there’s literally never an excuse to leave poop lying. Carrying it in a bottle means you can drink it and then pour it into a container or pop-up bowl for your dog to drink too. Win Win.

I kept this brief and to the main points that really annoy me when I’m out with Bandit. I want my dog to be safe and I want to be able to go for a nice walk without watching my every step please and thank you.

What are your top tips for dog owners? Let me know in the comments.

RebeccaJane xo

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