A Year of Being Single by Fiona Collins


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Steven’s mum gave me £20 in Google Play gift cards for my Christmas one year and normally, I would spend that on games or in-app purchases for The Sims on my tablet. Since someone *cough* Steven *cough* broke my tablet, I only have my phone left and I don’t like playing games on my phone so I’ve been using the gift cards to buy ebooks through the Google Books app. I normally read on the Kindle app because it shows you (as you’re reading), how far you’ve read and how much is left is in the chapter too, but Google Books has been fine too.

I do struggle a little with reading ebooks simply because it doesn’t feel real to me if that makes sense? I like to turn the pages myself and be able to put the book down before checking Facebook rather than just closing the app but anyway, I got this ebook for 99p and is currently the same on Kindle too.

It’s about three women – Imogen, Frankie and Grace – who are sick of men. Imogen being constantly disappointed with men; Frankie sick of her husband acting like a fifth child and not appreciating all she does for the family; and Grace, who discovers her husband is cheating. They decide to make a charter, a pact to be single for a year and avoid men at all costs. To become independent women and learn to love themselves again. It goes horribly wrong… As all three women meet men they think are perfect, they have to keep their new romances secret so they don’t let down the sisterhood.

It’s actually a very funny story. From the moment we were introduced to Richard, I was head over heels. He was my hunk from the lot from the get-go. Honestly, go read this book and you’ll see what I mean.

So the three main characters – Imogen, Frankie and Grace – are all different personalities and in different situations so it’s only natural to connect to some more than others. I wasn’t a fan of Grace’s character. I sympathised with her for the circumstances but she became annoying in the way that if one of my friends were like her, I’d have to shake some sense into them!

Frankie is probably my favourite ‘single lady’ *cue Beyoncé* because she seemed very down to earth and like me. I mean, I don’t have kids or any similarities life-wise, but she’s just a fantastic character and someone I could really relate to. She was funny, kind and a good mother!

Imogen is a career-driven woman with no (public) intentions to get married and have kids. She only dates losers and has never found ‘the right man’. I liked her character too but not as much as Frankie. Frankie was ma gurl.

I really enjoyed this book and I don’t want to give away any spoilers but for 99p it’s a short n sweet read and definitely worth it. I give this book a 4/5 stars because it wasn’t really about being single. They all had a secret romance so they never lasted being single for very long but the message of being independent and taking back control of your life still stands and powers through this book.

Have you read this book? What’s your favourite quick summer read?

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Halloween Watch List

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Watch List

Although I haaate Halloween, I absolutely adore horror movies and being scared (until 3 weeks later when I can’t go to the bathroom by myself) so here is my list for both Adults and Kids to enjoy this Halloween! These are all available on Netflix but if you have Sky, you can browse their range of Horror movies and watch for free as they have a lot of good movies also. I highly recommend using Netflix for a great range of gory horrors because if you already subscribe to Netflix, then you might as well use it and if not, then you can take up their free trial and cancel before it ends. BONUS: Since I cancelled my free trial, Netflix still email me every few months with another free trial so it’s perfect for students or anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a subscription. Just remember to cancel your free trial before you’re charged!

ADULTS (Horror)

Scream (tv series)
 I binge-watched this the other night and was hooked! It has quite a few good jump-scares in it too and I recommend this if you enjoyed the Scream movies as this is similar but with a twist on the storyline.

John Carpenter’s Halloween
No Halloween watch list would be complete without the one and only Michael Myers. This guy forever gives me nightmares because he is pure evil. Truly frightening, this leaves you paranoid and petrified.

Child’s Play
This film is the reason I hate dolls. I used to think all my teddies and toys would come alive when I was sleeping and plot my death – no joke. The thing is, Chucky is a bloody psychopath right? But Andy (the little boy) is actually such a creeper too.

My Bloody Valentine (2009 remake)
The remake because 1. more gore and 2. Jensen Ackles *heart eye emoji* *sings ‘what a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good maaaan’* This movie is brilliant. It has the iconic masked killer every good horror needs and is packed with some good kills too!

ADULTS (Comedy Horror)

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil
Hilarious film about two friends who just end up in the most unfortunate of situations with a group of college kids. Packed with puns and gore, this movie makes you laugh and wonder what silly scenario will come next!

Scary Movies
How could I make a comedy horror list and not include these? Scary Movie spoofs all the iconic teen slasher films such as Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and American Pie. The second movie is one of my favourites where they go to a haunted house (The Exorcist) and the butler is brilliant *make way for fanny!* Definitely movies to watch if you want a good laugh!

Serial Mom
I wouldn’t count this as a horror per se but it does involve murder and is hilarious. A surburban mom has a hidden secret… Also the cast includes Matthew Lillard (aka Shaggy), RICKI LAKE, Kathleen Turner and Sam Waterston (Grace and Frankie / Law & Order).

Now this movie is funny, except for the clown (see My Biggest Fear) but this has Emma Stone Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson who all meet in the Zombie apocalypse and fight to stay alive (and get twinkies). Also, Bill Murray.


The Addams Family
Who does’t enjoy these movies? Wednesday is an inspiration and Morticia is just the definition of perfection. Kids and adults alike love these movies and it is perfect for Halloween!

Lemony Snicket: Unfortunate Events
Jim Carrey plays Count Olaf (no, the adorable snowman from Frozen has not been moving up in the world) who tries desperately to take guardianship of three children and murder them for their inheritance. It’s a bit dark in parts though, I wouldn’t recommend it for very young children but older children may be fine watching this.

Hocus Pocus
I don’t think I need to explain this film. It has a lot of hype and for good reason too. It’s both hilarious and a tad creepy to younger viewers but it will always be a classic halloween movie for me. No matter how old I get.

Goosebumps (tv series)
My sister had the books for this growing up and it always creeped me out. Definitely some good episodes in there. Plus, Netflix has 5 seasons to choose from so there are plenty of episodes to suit everyone’s tastes.

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween. Let me know what you’ll be getting up/what movies you’ll be watching in the comments!

Why not read my last post about Why I Hate Halloween and pray for my safety as I am 80% sure I will get murdered.

RebeccaJane xo

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