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I wish there were more hours in the day to sleep.

I want new bedding. Dark navy or Galaxy maybe? That would look cool. I could sleep happily inside a black hole LAWLS.

I really need to tidy my bedroom. Like where did half this stuff even come from?

Why do I have so many candles? Oh yeah, because I keep buying them but they’re way too cute to burn. Ugh, dilemmas.

Bandit is my favourite being ever. We’ve only had him for two and half years and yet I can’t imagine life without him.

Ugh, why do all my tv shows have to end at the same time? What am I supposed to watch now? *ends up watching Big Brother*

My mouth is so dry. I need to drink more water but I don’t want to pee constantly.

I could eat chicken every day for the rest of my life and still die happy.

Do meat-eaters who slate vegans ONLY eat meat and no veg?

I would rather wait until tomorrow to download my tv shows on catch-up than watch those annoying flipping adverts.

Did that Oral B advert just play twice back to back? It did. Wow. I’m going to tweet them that.

I wish daytime naps were acceptable. I read that in China, or was it Japan? Some companies let their employees go for short naps throughout the day to refresh their minds. I need that.

I miss Bandit so much and I’m not even away from him. I just want cuddles.

Why does the boy in the Fairy advert ask the dad for the empty bottle when the mum is the one doing the dishes? Um, sexist much.

How many cups of tea have I had? I’ve lost count. That can’t be a good thing.

Why is there no food in the fridge? How am I supposed to eat without any decent food int he fridge? I’m going to starve now.

I need to stop talking to myself. I’m pretty sure the neighbours think I’m insane when they hear me in the garden.

I haven’t watched The Princess Bride is so long. I should watch it.

How did I eat 6 Ferrero Rochers?? I have no memory of this.

[Browsing Amazon] I want that. Oh I want that too. Quick add to list. Add to list. ADD TO FUCKING LIST.

Omg why did I just buy that? Cancel order. Reason? Because I’m an impulsive-buying bitch. They don’t have that option. Why not? That should be an option. Oh well, I better click ‘cheaper elsewhere’ in the hopes they reduce it so I can impulse-buy it again.

I have an itch in the middle of my back and my arms aren’t long enough to reach it. Times like this, I wish Bandit understood English better because his claws would do a great job with this.

Hmm, what do I fancy for dinner? Pasta? Nah, had that yesterday. Salad? That was lunch. Can’t be too healthy yo.

I always moan about how clingy Bandit is but when he isn’t, I miss him so much.

America Ferrera is gorgeous.

I can’t find my red glasses.

I need to book an eye test. I’m like 8 months overdue.

I wish I had the balls to start my own podcast. My ramblings should be heard by the masses.

Why am I not rich? See if I were minted, I’d be sooo happy!

I need more pyjamas. Okay, I don’t need more, but I want more.

I’m so tired. I think I’ve done that dolphin thing where half my brain has been sleeping throughout the day.

Why is Instagram so hard??

I always get loads of followers after a Twitter rant. I’m starting to realise what the people want. MORE RANTS.

I hate Big Brother but I have nothing else to watch and it’s so addictive watching them explode on each other.

I should moisturise more. Or should I say, at all.

I really need to shave my legs but then I’d HAVE to moisturise them and I can’t be bothered with all that malarky.

I can show you the world… Shining, shimmering, splendid!! [to Bandit] Tell me Princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?? 

I need a haircut. I should cut it right now before I forget.

Where’s the scissors? Ew, I’m not using the kitchen scissors, who even knows what they’ve touched?

My hair is too curly to cut, why did I think this was a good idea?

Well that went as planned…. NOT!

Looks like it’ll be up-do’s from now on.

Oh my goodness, my bed feels like I’ve laid down on a cloud of candy floss.

This is so relaxing. I am so ready to fall asleep right now.



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