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Hola chicas. Today I am bringing you my favourite blog posts from the past month. I usually find blogs through Twitter so unless I see some new content retweeted onto my timeline, I don’t generally see any fresh blogs which is a shame so I’ve been actively scrolling through hashtags and retweet accounts to find some new blogs and to spread some love in the blogging community so please have a wander through these blogs and share the love too.

 Through The Mirror – Meet Toby!

Vix Meldrew – Why Strong Women Need Strong Men

British Beauty Blogger – A Word On Discrimination

Hannah Gale – 19 Of The Biggest Shocks About Being A Grown Up

Thrifty Vintage Fashion – My Body Confidence Journey

Raise The Waves – MS: The Diagnosis

Dorkface – Confidence & Clothing

Robowecop – I Quit

Essential Twenty – What I Hate About Summer

Colours and Carousels – 7 Reasons To Start A Blog

The Beautiful Bluebird – 20 Things To Do Before The Baby Arrives

Wishes Hopes Dreams – My Wardrobe Essentials

Very Berry Cosmo – Breaking OCD Stigma

Victoria Austin – What I Love About Blogging

Elle May – Why I Love My Smile

Curvaceous Vegan – My Favourite Movies When You’re Down

This is only a small portion of the posts I’ve enjoyed this month. I’ll try and keep better tabs on posts I like so I can share them with you all. I’ll maybe make this a more regular feature too. 

RebeccaJane xo

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The STARLIGHT Blogger Award Nomination

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Starlight Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Charlotte (www.charlottecallenderxo.blogspot.co.ukfor my first ever award nomination! The STARLIGHT Blogger Award was created by Carolina (www.yesterdayafter.comwith the intention to show appreciation to fellow bloggers and their spectacular blogs. She describes the nominees as being ‘the light emanating from the stars’ and I think it’s a fab idea to share the love!

YesterdayAfter’s Rules

Thank the person who nominated you.
Include the logo of the award.
Answer the 3 questions you have been given.
Nominate 6+ bloggers deserving of this award.
Ask your nominees 3 questions.

My questions from Charlotte are:

What were some of the reasons you started blogging?

I have been wanting to try blogging for years but I never had the guts to put myself out there for everyone to judge and maybe even laugh at. I decided to just go for it this year and I’m glad I did. I really enjoy writing my posts and I love it when people take the time to read or comment too. This blog started as an online diary but I can feel myself getting more confident and now I finally have a use of my mountain of untouched stationery YAYAY!

When you’re feeling down, what are the things you enjoy doing to make yourself feel better?

I am a firm believer in the theory that a nap solves everything. Any bad day I have, no matter how awful I feel, if I go for a nap I will always wake up feeling better. But, if I am unable to nap for whatever reason then I usually watch cheesy movies and laugh the pain away!

If you had to choose between living without skincare for a month, or living without beauty products, what would you choose and why? 

I don’t wear make up often so I could definitely live without beauty products. My skin is mostly even and blemish-free so I get away without wearing make up except on nights out and big occasions. I don’t think I’d be able to live without moisturiser because my skin can get very dry.

I nominate:

Discovering Charlotte (www.discoveringcharlottelucy.blogspot.com– Charlotte is such a kind and lovely person. I love her outfit posts and she seems like a really genuine woman.

Colours and Carousels (www.coloursandcarousels.com) – Another Charlotte who is just a Scottish delight! Her blog recently turned 5 and her post on how blogging has influenced her over the years is inspiring! And her photography is just perf!

Melissa Zia (www.melissazia.co.uk) – Melissa is a lovely blogger who makes the best smoothies ever! Seriously, they look delicious. And so does her banana bread. I love her lipstick collection too.

Little Katie’s Little Thoughts (www.littlekaatie.blogspot.co.uk) – Katie is another lovely Scottish lass whose outfit posts are constantly making me jealous. She’s a genuinely lovely person and her post on self-worth is so empowering.

Le Beau Fleur (www.lebeaufleur.blogspot.com) – Chelsea is a lovely blogger and I love her beauty reviews. She recently did a Dating Disasters post which is hilarious and you should definitely go read it.

Beauty and the Mechanic (www.beautyandthemechanic.wordpress.com) – Shannon is a Disney fanatic with an adorable Simba tattoo – go check it out. I love her Bucket List posts where she goes through her Bucket List and explains why she added it. It has definitely given me more to add to mine!

My Three Questions:

Who/what is your inspiration in life and why?

What is something you have always wanted to achieve and how do you plan on achieving it?

What’s your party trick?

Thank you again Charlotte for this nomination. If anyone accepts this award, please link your post in the comments so I can see your responses!

Anyone can answer the questions in the comments below too!

RebeccaJane xo

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