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So if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that my sister and I disappeared to Iceland for a few days back in December for a little break. It is quite possibly the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to, even though it was bleak and grey throughout our trip. I’m going to keep this brief, simply because I could go on and on about it but I’ve managed to narrow down the top photos from the trip for you to get a little glimpse into this picturesque country.

 hallgrimskirkja, cathedral, church, iceland, reykjavik, sightseeing, tourism,

Leifur Eiriksson, iceland, reykjavik, sightseeing, statue, tourism, viking, norway, norwegian, norse, settler,

Let’s start off with the beautiful Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral and the statue of Leifur Eiriksson – aka the guy who discovered North American way before Christopher Columbus. The cathedral is a gorgeous work of architecture and we even went in the elevator up eight floors to the tower for some of the most fantastic views of Reykjavik city.

hallgrimskirkja, cathedral, church, tower, view, scenery, cirty, iceland, reykjavik, sightseeing, tourism

hallgrimskirkja, cathedral, tower, view, scenery, iceland, reykjavik, mount esja, mountsin, esja, church, sightseeing, tourism, iceland

In the background, you can see a glimpse of the famous Mount Esja. The waterfront is beautiful and the water is so peaceful and undisturbed – even through gale force winds and hail and sleet and rain and every other weather you could imagine. The views from the Hallgrimskirkja tower were more than expected. We could see for miles.

Bonus if you can spot the Icelandic Giant. Comment if you spot him but don’t say where!

gullfoss, waterfall, double waterfall, sightseeing, tourism, iceland, travel

This is Gullfoss Waterfall – my main attraction to Iceland. This waterfall is the only double waterfall in Iceland and it’s absolutely beautiful don’t you think? Unfortunately, the wind and rain was against us so please excuse the water spots ruining the photo. It was breathtaking and is a definite must-see on any Iceland trip.

waterfront, statue, lava, rock, iceland, reykjavik, harbour, sun voyager, solfar

Solfar, the sun voyager, sun voyager, statue, iceland, reykjavik, harbour, mount esja, esja

These are two very gorgeous statues situated on the Reykjavik waterfront. I have no idea if the first one has a name as it had no plague or information about it but it just looked so lovely on our morning walk along the waterfront. The second is the ever so famous Solfar aka The Sun Voyager, with the beautiful Mount Esja in the background.

This is literally just a small handful of the photographs I took whilst in Iceland. If you want to see all of them, you can check out my public Facebook album – Iceland 2016 and if you’re feeling adventurous, check out my other public album from out visit to The Icelandic Phallological Museum and see all sorts of different phallus’. *childlike giggle*

Have you ever been to Iceland or would you like to visit? I would highly recommend taking the trip. I plan on returning for a summer visit to go whale-watching but in the winter time, you can always book a Northern Lights tour and watch the sky dance.

RebeccaJane xo

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The Crown and Anchor Tearoom Dundrennan

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My grandparents live in the super tiny village of Dundrennan, situated in the South West of Scotland, a few miles outside of Kirkcudbright and hosts the historic landmark that is Dundrennan Abbey. You probably have no idea what that is but basically, Mary Queen of Scots, remember her? Well… You may also remember that she was beheaded in England BUT she spent her last night in Scotland at the Abbey. And what a beautiful Abbey it is. I have many memories of the Abbey from my childhood and all the fascinating head stones full of history and stories to tell. It’s a beautiful building and if you’re planning a trip to the south of Scotland, I’d definitely recommend stopping by. Recently, what used to be a pub in Dundrennan (but closed down because it’s technically in the middle of nowhere), has been transformed into a quaint little Bed and Breakfast with a beautiful tearoom that overlooks the gorgeous Cistercian Abbey. This new B&B/tearoom is now the talk of the village and their opening day was packed I hear from my grandmother. My grandparents aren’t very likely to be gallivanting outside the house so when we phoned them prior to visiting, we were a bit shocked to find out they didn’t answer because they were up the road having a bite to eat at the tearoom! It must be good if it made them leave the house I thought so why not check it out for myself? I figured I’d at least get a nice slab of carrot cake.

The Crown and Anchor Tearoom

*photo heavy*

Owner Jacqui with son and waiter Ryan

Owner Jacqui with son and waiter Ryan

Crown and Anchor Dundrennan

Crown and Anchor Dundrennan

Crown and Anchor Dundrennan

As you walk into The Crown and Anchor, you’re met with a wonderfully light and open space. The new owners Jacqui and John have really made use of the space and kept a rustic village-feel to it with the natural wood furnishings thrown in amongst the clean white. The building is situated at the perfect angle to let the daylight flood in through the windows and creates an even lighter and fresher room. It is completely different to the pub it used to be. My mum and gran sat at the table discussing all the changes and complimenting the new decor. The view is the only thing more exquisite than the quaint tearoom, although I may be bias because I’ve always loved this view.

Dundrennan from The Crown and Anchor Tearoom

This view was taken from the doorway to the Tearoom and you can see a glimpse of the Abbey on the left behind that big green tree. It’s absolutely gorgeous and a definite tourist must-see.

I wasn’t intending on eating a full meal since I’m trying to make healthier choices and I had already eaten a lot that day but hey, we only live once (lol) and since both my mum and gran were having a meal, I figured I might as well. I ordered the lemon tea and the jacket potato with tuna mayo and it. was. delissssh.Crown and Anchor DundrennanCrown and Anchor Dundrennan

I’m a big fan of tuna and this was lovely. I don’t really use butter so I gave mine to mum who loves the buttery, fluffy texture of potatoes and spooned the tuna mayo on my potato and devoured it. The tuna was just the right combination of fish to creamy ratio. I’m definitely not a mayonnaise fan and although this looks like there’s a lot of mayo in it, it certainly didn’t taste that way.

I am a huge lover of coleslaw however. I will add it to most things because it’s just delicious and homemade coleslaw is even better. This has mustard seeds and although I haate mustard, this was absolutely divine. The BEST coleslaw I have ever tried, no word of a lie. My only fault with this dish at all was that there wasn’t enough coleslaw (mum gave me hers though so it’s all good!)

Crown and Anchor Dundrennan

Crown and Anchor Dundrennan

As soon as I walked into the tearoom, I had my eyes on the carrot cake for sure. If you read my Graze Variety Box review – you’ll have noticed I have a thing for carrot cake. After sitting down and having a glance into the refrigerated display unit, I saw these beautiful cups and knew whatever was inside, I would be eating. Lucky for me it was banoffee pie. I leeerve banoffee pie. The crunchy biscuit base with the sweet caramel and creamy banana with thick whipped cream is what I call an all-in-one dessert. The adorable teacup to serve it was merely an attractive bonus. I mean, look at it? How could I not order this and take endless photographs for Instagram? 

The Crown and Anchor Tearoom in Dundrennan is a tourist hot-spot and doubles as a Bed and Breakfast with en-suite bathrooms (ooh la la) and with the gorgeous view and the tasty meals, why would you ever want to leave?

RebeccaJane xo

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